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Major Gifts

In order to achieve its ultimate goals, the Foundation for Venous & Lymphatic Disease has instituted a number of capital initiatives to garner the necessary funds for programs focused on the interests of the vein care community. Major gifts are multi-year commitments of contribution from individuals and corporations.


Vision for Tomorrow

In 2010 the American College of Phlebology Foundation (ACPF) introduced the Vision for Tomorrow (VFT) campaign, a capital initiative focused on the most pressing interests of the vein care community.


The Vision outlined the needs of the American College of Phlebology (ACP), vein care professionals and other supporters of the ACPF. The program set out to help fund clinical research, forge meaningful relationships with leaders in the community and promote widespread awareness of phlebology. By expanding support from the medical community and the lay public, VFT aimed to revolutionize the science of vein care.


Specific tactical objectives of the initiative included:

  • The creation of a mechanism that would consolidate vital information and clinical data to expand research possibilities and shed light on the critical issues affecting the specialty.

  • Providing educational opportunities for medical professionals to elevate the standard of care for vein disease

  • Increasing presence in the overall medical community to establish the credibility and importance of the specialty

  • Enhancing public and professional awareness through available resources elaborating on the issues of vein disease


Vision for Tomorrow, Today

In the years since VFT was established, the ACPF has made major strides in accomplishing the objectives of the initiative.


Professional Research on the Specialty

While it may seem the amount of data we’re exposed to on a daily basis is overwhelming, the need for verifiable, clinical data in our practices is more important than ever. To address this need, the ACPF funded the development of the ACP PRO Venous Registry, which utilizes data collection through EMR systems, allowing for the capture of meaningful data to improve patient outcomes, as well as engage insurers, policymakers and the public.


After two years in development, the ACP launched the robust ACP PRO Venous Registry, which collects both physician and patient reported outcome (PRO) data through the use of ACP certified EMR systems. This makes the registry an easily utilized research and benchmarking tool, and offers a number of opportunities for providers to participate and specifically allow patients to share their stories through generic and disease specific quality of life scales.


For more information and to participate, please visit


Educational Alternatives for the Medical Practitioner

In January of 2011, the ACP completed a survey with 558 participants to determine the needs and desires of its membership and decide which types of programs should be prioritized.


A significant majority confirmed hands-on workshops and advanced symposia remain vital to most practitioners in phlebology (71%) as a source of continuing medical education (CME). Nothing compares educationally to the opportunity to see, feel, touch and work with patients who suffer from venous disease.


Because of this overwhelming membership support for professional education, the ACP opened its training center in 2013. It has been providing symposia and hands-on workshops for medical practitioners, offering an opportunity for professional growth and enhancing the standard of the specialty.

Membership also expressed a desire for educational alternatives that provide CME but at the same time are effectively designed to minimize out-of-practice time. Working in collaboration with the ABPh and others, the College has supported the maintenance of various certifications in phlebology for its members, through the use of distance learning vehicles in the online learning center.


The Foundation has also greatly supported the College’s fellowship and scholarship programs to provide medical professionals with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with leaders in the specialty and venous disease patients.

Promoting Phlebology within the Medical Community

In an effort to promote the specialty of phlebology within the overall medical community, the ACP has developed important collaborative relationships with leading societies with interests in vein care. The foundation recognizes the need to invest in basic research as well as professional outreach to other medical practitioners and patient populations.


The ACP has also increased its representation within the medical community by extending its presence to medical organizations not directly focused on the practice of phlebology. By cultivating these relationships, the ACP has broadened the scope and dissemination of information to help gain acceptance of defined standards of patient care for medical practitioners and venous disease patients.


Connections with other industry leaders has created significant opportunities to gain recognition and acceptance for phlebology and opened the door to pursue further growth initiatives.


Enhancement of Public Awareness

In November of 2014, the ACPF launched a Public Awareness Campaign, a comprehensive plan to increase outreach and provide accessible information about venous disease to the public.


The plan outlines several steps to achieve this goal:


“Vein Health” PBS Distribution

The ACP has secured distribution for the PBS special, “Vein Health: Discoveries, New Technologies & Breakthroughs.” The ACPF has initiated a grassroots effort to distribute this content to PBS stations throughout the United States, with a focus on airings during DVT Awareness Month.


Online Vein Awareness Program

In the fall of 2014 the ACP launched the interactive online vein awareness program, which prompts users to answer a series of questions regarding their vein health. This informative assessment provides the public with material about their risk of vein disease and where they can seek treatment.


“Healthy Veins, Healthy Legs” Book Promotion

The ACP has forged important relationships with health writers, journalists and bloggers to help increase public access to information about vein health. The public awareness book, “Healthy Veins, Healthy Legs,” published in 2012, was distributed, along with media kits to these media outlets to promote the book and the ACP. The ACP is in the process of making a digital copy of this book available for purchase on Amazon.


Social Media Campaign

The ACP is establishing a greater presence on social media sites to promote the interests of the specialty. Launched in March of 2015, the ACP social media pages promote vein health through informative articles and podcasts, focusing on all aspects of vein care, to engage with the public about the important health issues associated with vein disease.



The Foundation for the Future of Phlebology

The American College of Phlebology Foundation was created in 2006 to financially assist the ongoing efforts of the College and the interests of the vein care community. In order to commence operations, the Foundation needed to secure capital from its supporters. The Foundation for the Future of Phlebology focused on obtaining the necessary funds to pursue the many growth initiatives planned by the ACP.


Specific goals outlined in the capital initiative included:

  • Delivering expanded educational opportunities

  • Basic research and web-based communication of new information

  • Public communications with and about phlebology


In 2005, the ACP demonstrated its commitment by providing financial, organizational and public support to the ACPF’s initial operations. Additionally, each individual ACP Board and project leader pledged their financial backing. With 100% participation, the Foundation for the Future of Phlebology project secured over $400,000 towards its goal of $3,000,000 from just these leaders.


Click here to learn more about the Foundation’s initial campaign.





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