New Horizon Capital Campaign

We are excited to set a course toward a New Horizon in venous and lymphatic health care. Our New Horizon is an opportunity to expand the mission and vision of our Society to better serve the needs of our membership, our field and our patients in an ever changing and complex healthcare environment.


Building on the investments of the past decade, your society has now defined who we ARE:






Through your efforts as a partner of our Society, we will grow significantly by better positioning ourselves to deliver care to our patients by:

  • Expanding educational opportunities

  • Providing data driven research and guidelines for practice and patient care

  • Working closely with health care policy makers to advocate on behalf of our patients, our members and our field

  • Ensuring we provide optimum care models to significantly improve the quality of care for our patients.

What Can You Do?


Join the American Vein & Lymphatic Society.


Get involved in one of our various committees and work alongside your colleagues to advance our field.


Be active in our educational programs. Participate in the PRO Venous Registry. Get involved in your local and state medical associations to help drive change.


You can make a difference by simply donating to the Foundation for Venous and Lymphatic Disease. Invest in your future and make a difference in our specialty. It is only with your support and commitment to this New Horizon that we will see positive and lasting changes to benefit everyone.


We are incredibly excited to be a part of this New Horizon, are you?


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